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​Open Mic Charlottesville is currently looking for a new venue. We thank the Ante Room for months of support both for us and for the C'ville music community as a whole. For suggestions about a new venue, please feel free to contact   ​

Open Mic in Charlottesville

Want to be featured at our next Open Mic night in Charlottesville? Just show up in advance of the live music to put your name on the list. First come, first serve.

EVERY Tuesday
7:00pm - 2:00am

Three chords and the truth.

This quote has been kicked around the music industry for decades and has been attributed to everyone from Bob Dylan to Hank Williams senior. Whoever did say it, couldn’t have been more right. HONESTY. Honesty is only thing that’s important in music (or in art in general). Not a 5 octave vocal range, not 50 notes per second face melting guitar solos, not hair styles, not big booty girls, not caravans of 18 wheelers, not RCA/SONY, not clear channel, and definitely not whatever Kanye West is talking about. The truth is something that everyone comes equipped with at birth. It’s primordial. Free of charge but, still, hard to reach. We spend our lives learning to hide it and be ashamed of it. So much so that takes something special and brave to even come close to scratching the surface of it. To be honest, it’s scary. It’s irrational. It’s unapologetic. It’s raw and powerful and we don’t know where it ends. If we open that box, we may never get it closed. For the brave that find out, it’s the type of experience that can only be described in contradictions. The best types, bittersweet.Beautifully ugly. Perfect in it’s in perfection. When we do connect with it and express it, it’s a tremendous emotional release. A roller coater. And those that are lucky enough to be in range get to jump on for a free ride as it connects them with their own truth. Put simply, it’s that “Right On!” feeling. It’s that “that’s me!” feeling. It’s that “I always felt that way but didn’t have the right way to put it”. And let me tell you, having “the right way to put it” is crucial. Only by calling it out by name can we exorcise the demon. It’s the great gift that artists give us. They are the brave soldier battling for all of us. Just by being audience and witness, just by opening our ears, or buying a ticket we tap into the great shared consciousness, the weltguise, the social organism, the “force” that makes up and runs through and connects us all. A reminder of the reality behind the curtain - that we are all truly one. 

So come to our Open Mic show and forget about your station. Whoever you are and at whatever stage as a developing artist, when you get on that stage stand up and know that you are doing God’s work (whatever God that may be) and at very least, you are equipped just fine to do it. You’ve got three chords and the truth.Type your paragraph here.